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World Famous Bitcoin LARP

So you run your own node, but what if you could be a bitcoin node? Come live roleplay bitcoin in this 2-hour hands-on workshop.

World Famous Bitcoin LARP

What is a bitcoin node? What does it do? How do transactions flow through the network and get mined?

In this 2-hour workshop, we’ll live-action role play the bitcoin network. We’ll see how transactions get made, how they get to miners, what work a bitcoin node does and how it helps secure the network.

You’ll get a front-line view of how miners create blocks and transactions get spent, how difficulty readjustments impact block production, and what re-orgs and network splits look like.

What to know before class (pre-requisites)

There’s nothing to know ahead of time. This activity is good for audiences of all ages, as long as you can read, write, and do some basic arithmetic.

No prior knowledge of bitcoin or running a node is required, but highly recommended to get the most out of this workshop.

Bring some snacks/drinks/or other merch to “sell” to participants for in-game bitcoin!