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Covering Covenants (Beta)

What’s a covenant? How do they work? In this class, we’ll cover the very first ‘covenant’ opcodes (OP_CSV + OP_CLTV), how lightning uses ‘primitive covenants’, and all the new proposals that will allow for bitcoin promises to be made and…kept?

Covering Covenants (Beta)

In this discussion and example based class, we’ll walk through the current covenants proposals (CTV, MATT, TXHASH, etc), historical proposals (CSV, CLTV), and why new opcodes for arithmetic and concatenation are on the table.

We’ll also look into what’s already available on Liquid, and write our first covenants there.

Exercises in this class will be in Python using Jupyter Notebook.

What to know before class (pre-requisites)

You must have a strong understanding of Bitcoin transaction basics, such as:

  • Script
  • Sighash flags

These topics are covered in our flagship Transactions Deep Dive class.